Our Paxia Experts Share Their Favorite Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of Paxia IFX

We set out to fill a significant gap in airline catering IT systems when we started our business over two decades ago. We did it because airline catering teams were crying out for software specifically designed to control one of the largest airline cost centers. We developed a suite of tools designed from the requirements of a range of respected global airlines, all the while scrutinizing inefficiencies in the industry and replacing these with best practice business processes supported with purpose-built software. We have focused all our attention on simplifying the complex, cost-sensitive, and data-intensive activity of providing catering and services to airline passengers.

During our 20+ year journey, we have seen the airline industry face many challenges and changes driven by those challenges, with the COVID-19 pandemic shaping up to have the most significant impact to date. Our customers are having to drastically adapt their business to meet safety protocols and dramatic changes in operating schedules. At Paxia, our team is intently focused on how to provide increased support and advice we see as valuable to our customers. We continue to share information, advice, and instructions that we hope will make business life in the airline industry a little easier. 

This month, our Paxia IFX Experts share over 35 of their favorite tips and hidden gems for Paxia IFX in four “At-a-Glance” infographics and separate detailed instruction eBooks. These tips and tricks cover the Specifications, Scheduling, Ordering, and Invoicing recommendations which can help you optimize IFX. In addition, you can download our “Complete Top Tips and Tricks for Paxia IFX” ebook. To download these free materials, please visit our Resource page on our website at: https://www.paxiasolutions.com/resources/ .