Optimize Galley Planning Now to Help with the Eventual Recovery from COVID-19

Despite the continued COVID-19 disruption to the travel industry, you can still take steps now to optimize Paxia Galley Planning and be better prepared for the eventual recovery. Our GP Experts have shared their top recommendations and hidden tips for you to peruse. Our Top 4 Tips for Airline Galley Planning have been compiled into an infographic accompanied with a step-by-step instructional eBook to assist you with optimizing Paxia GP during this downturn. And you can download these two resources from our newly launched Resource Center at: www.paxiasolutions.com/resources.

We continue to remain focused on supporting you and our applications by providing tools that support your business needs and our shared goal to recover from the pandemic more quickly. Our expert service teams are always on hand to assist you; so feel free to reach out to your Account Manager if you require further assistance or advice.

Please stay safe and keep you and your loved ones healthy.