Reducing Catering Waste Webinar: Real World Stories of the World’s Leading Airlines

Does airline ‘catering’ cause you to think of exciting software? Does a business class meal conjure up images of pioneering technology? While the airline industry at large uses leading edge technology to manage aircraft, airports, and managing airspace, they too often forget leading edge technology is essential for managing catering cost centers and supply chains. 

Join us for a complimentary 30-minute webinar to hear real world case studies of the world‘s leading airlines on how they were able to overcome catering wastage and reduce operating costs.

What You’ll Learn
In this webinar, you will hear actual use cases on how Paxia Airline Catering Management Solutions can help airlines save time, services and money by:

  • Reducing time wasted through inefficient processes and by using outdated tools
  • Reducing food wastage that is difficult to manage when meal ordering is in the hands of airport staff
  • Reducing money lost inefficiently spot-checking invoices for overspend, which is labor intensive, error prone, slow and diminishes your potential rate of return

Now is a good time to assess your approach to wastage and explore why other leading airlines invest in Paxia Catering Management systems. The race is on for airlines to get to profitability faster, and you can speed your airline’s road to recovery.

Reserve Your Seat Now
Click a link below to register for one our three complimentary online webinars for Asia-Pacific, EMEA, and the Americas.

3 November 2021
10 am Hong Kong / 11 am Tokyo / 1 pm Sydney / 4 pm Honolulu

3 November 2021
10 am London / 11 am Paris / 11 am Rome / 2 pm Dubai

The Americas:
3 November 2021
8 am San Francisco / 9 am Denver / 10 am Chicago / 11 am Montreal