About Paxia

We make it simple to deliver the services you need

Well-grounded in the business of airlines

With over three decades of combined airline, catering operations, and catering center experience, we understand the onboard services business of airline carriers and their vendors. With so much industry experience, we know what makes you tick and the problems you encounter. That’s why we’re invested in providing you with cloud-based catering management software that automates and integrates many tasks and ultimately reduces errors, saves you money, and manages the entire process—so you don’t have to manually do the impossible.


Simplified. Automated. Cost Effective.

Paxia reduces the complexities of catering management, automating manual and tedious processes to free your staff to do other things and help with your bottom line. Our solutions give you accurate visibility into your catering operations which ultimately results in fuel savings, inventory control, invoice reconciliation, and reduced over-catering and wastage.

Global airlines of all sizes trust Paxia to manage and simplify their onboard and catering services. We make it simple to deliver the services you need.

What we’re all about

Bringing value to our customers

We are made up of a team of employees and customers, rather than a discrete set of individuals. We are a family. From our CEO, Matt—who inspires people to be their best and empowers them to explore and develop new ideas—to our President and COO, Rodney—who builds products from his vast experience—we work together to drive innovation, shape our corporate culture, and deliver real value to our customers.

We love solving problems and are dedicated to improving the way airlines and their vendors operate. With two decades of experience delivering catering management solutions, we use our expertise to develop solutions that automate the complexities surrounding airline onboard services.

We know that it’s not always the best widget that becomes successful, it is providing exceptional user experience. The old adage of “know your customers and know their needs” rings true for us. Having customers who are excited to use our products because it solves a problem brings us total joy.

Our mantra is to always put the customer first. Our VP, Si, leads the Implementations and Account Management teams, and believes our staff and customers are our most important assets, and our best source of feedback for ideas and improvements in our products and services.

We are a team that shares in leadership at all levels. We act as one connected company and are not afraid to make tough decisions. Together, with a customer base that help shapes and drives our products forward, we are a global community of domain experts who learn from each other to continuously improve.

We are invested in building a company that nurtures and recognizes achievements. Our company thrives under the guidance and leadership of some of the brightest minds and most experienced professionals in the industry.

Globally Accessible

Providing 24/7 assistance worldwide

Leadership Team

Rodney Duty, CEO

Si Digby-Jones, Chief Services Officer

Sreenivas Divi, Chief Technology Officer

Paxia Locations

We have a global presence to better serve you. We are located where you are so you never have to deal with time zones and can get help when time is of the essence.

Paxia Headquarters
46030 Manekin Plaza
Suite 150
Sterling, VA 20166
+1 703 775 1375