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Always Know What is in Your Inventory

Get the accuracy and automation you need to get control over your purchases


Never Need a Crystal Ball

Paxia Assets gives you complete visibility into asset levels from the Material Requirements Planning (MRP) to the National Distribution Center (NDC) through to Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP), providing a streamlined workflow that facilitates efficient data reuse, significantly cutting down on data entry and maintenance time while saving costs. We empower asset management operators to control and manage inventory efficiently so they can confidently meet the ever-evolving demands of the airline industry.

For Material Requirements Planning Operators

  • Provide robust forecasting and demand planning tools that offer precise insights into inventory needs, helping them adapt to dynamic passenger loads and shifting preferences
  • Streamline supplier communication and material procurement through the automatic creation of purchase orders, ensuring the right quantities are sourced at the right time
  • Simplify item tracking and its reporting to analyze historical data and generate reports by identifying trends, anomalies, and consumption patterns
  • Empower MRP operators to make data-driven decisions for cost control and inventory optimization

For Distribution Requirements Planning Operators

  • Streamline the complex tasks of managing and controlling inventory, viewing real-time tracking, automating order generations, and setting min-max inventory levels at each station
  • Balance the need to maintain optimal stock levels with the necessity of cost control
  • Automate order creation based on consumption forecasts and keep a close eye on supplier integration, ensuring that materials are procured efficiently and delivered in a timely manner
  • Empower DRP operators to make informed decisions and streamline inventory management processes while reducing waste and cost overruns


Streamline Inventory Control to Reduce Costs

Inventory Control

  • Order, transfer, and store goods efficiently to maintain optimal stock levels
  • Balance stock levels to prevent both overstocking and under-stocking
  • Utilize stock forecasting for Just-in-Time (JIT) inventory management

Material Requirement Planning

  • Enable efficient production planning with real-time insights into material requirements
  • Utilize automated machine learning algorithms to control costs related to excess inventory, shortages, and production delays
  • Ensure precise billing accuracy through cross-referencing purchase orders, goods receipts, and supplier invoices, minimizing errors and preventing overpayments

    Distribution Requirement Planning

    • Guarantee timely and precise product availability
    • Sustain optimal inventory levels by aligning distribution needs with production and demand
    • Minimize unnecessary transportation, warehousing, and holding costs, enhancing overall cost efficiency in the supply chain

      Item Master

      • Exercise control over wastage with advanced tracking of expiry, obsolescence, and phased orders
      • Identify and manage bonds, ensuring legal compliance when handling dangerous goods
      • Monitor burn rates, product life cycle, and versions meticulously through robust usage control

        Supplier Master

        • Access supplier contact details and terms with ease for seamless communication
        • Efficiently examine allocated SKUs and maintain comprehensive records of parts
        • Evaluate shipping methods and associated lead times easily for informed decision-making

          Catering Station Master

          • Access contact details and terms for catering stations with seamless ease
          • Examine count variances and item classifications for a thorough and detailed review
          • Gain efficient insights into forecasting allocations and related details for effective planning


            Go from Overwhelmed to in Control

            Streamlined Inventory Control

            • Enable accurate management of inflight service equipment inventory
            • Utilize JIT MRP and DRP principles to ensure timely availability, minimizing excess stock and reducing holding costs

            Cost Efficiency

            • Minimize costs to carry linked to excess equipment storage
            • Optimize inventory levels, aligning items with demand to enhance resource utilization efficiency

            Enhanced Supply Chain Responsiveness

            • Get a customized airline industry asset management system that emphasizes minimized warehousing and optimizes container shipping to enhance efficiency
            • Experience enhanced supply chain resilience with automated warnings, anticipating potential network failures for timely interventions and optimized operations


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