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Ensure Efficient Allocation of Catering Services

Efficiently manage and organize specifications for onboard services


Complex, Unstructured, and Cumbersome. Price Discrepancies.

Managing inflight service specifications in the aviation industry presents several challenges. First and foremost, the complexity of these specifications, especially in meal-related categories, requires a structured and organized approach. Handling diverse ingredients and components for numerous meal options demands meticulous hierarchy and thorough management. Furthermore, tracking costs and ensuring accurate pricing can be cumbersome, often leading to inefficiencies. Without a dedicated specification capability, the risk of errors and discrepancies in pricing and service scheduling is considerably higher, resulting in increased operational costs and potential customer dissatisfaction.


Streamlined Specifications While Reducing Manual Operational Tasks and Costs

Paxia Specifications streamlines the process of creating, organizing, and pricing specifications, providing a structured hierarchy that simplifies scheduling and optimizes service delivery. By offering clear pricing structures, Paxia Specifications ensures cost efficiency and accurate cost tracking. This, in turn, empowers airline catering operations to maintain high-quality inflight services while reducing operational costs. With improved cost management and scheduling efficiency, airlines can provide passengers a more reliable and enjoyable experience, enhancing their overall satisfaction.


Powered by Paxia Specifications

With Paxia Specifications, you get an optimized and streamlined creation and organization of specifications related to inflight goods and services, including meals, ground handling, special meals, and standard uplift items. You can maximize your operational efficiency through our hierarchical structuring and pricing management and optimize service scheduling and cost management, reducing overall catering operating expenditures.

  • Cost Efficiency: Efficient cost management for inflight services through clear pricing structures
  • Scheduling Optimization: Assist in scheduling inflight menus and services efficiently through hierarchical structuring
  • Accurate Tracking: Ensure precise tracking of costs associated with each specification
  • Improved Service Quality: Help the airline catering department maintain high-quality inflight services

Ready to Streamline Your Specifications?

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