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Ditch the Spreadsheets for Good


Modernize your Galley Planning Operations

Paxia Galleys equips you with the tools to effortlessly design and optimize your galley plans, ensuring an exceptional travel experience for your customers. Galleys offers a single-source, vendor-sharable portal for your galley plans, inventory requirements, weight and balance, and label printing.

With Paxia Galleys, you can make more informed business decisions during your pre-flight and day-of-operations to modernize how you deliver the services you manage for every flight, every day.


Something for Everyone

Paxia Galleys simplifies design and automates manual processes to reduce costs and wastage. No matter where you work in galley planning operations, Paxia helps you improve productivity and increase efficiency in your job.

Planning Operations

  • Replicate galley and container structures
  • Get real insight into equipment usage across your schedule
  • Enable accurate galley plans for weight and balance
  • Control release of packing requirements with caterers
  • Provide safety checks to avoid OH&S situations
  • Accelerate ability to manage changes in aircraft loading
  • Provide product versioning and change controls

Kitchen Operations

  • Provide inventory control
  • Allow for production planning efficiencies
  • Provide labor planning
  • Supply quality control
  • Provide sales forecast accuracy
  • Manage material consumption (actual versus theoretical)
  • Provide purchase statistics and supplier performance
  • Show flight statistics (flight count, passenger count, meal count, load factor)
  • Furnish revenue breakdown (passenger class, weight, rotable/displosable classification, equipment type, expected consumption)
  • Display operational productivity (CPC)

Flight Operations

  • Provide a full graphical representation of an aircraft’s stowage locations
  • Integrate with departure control to provide flight-specific catering weight values
  • Provide essential tools to resolve equipment imbalances before they occur
  • Optimize loading and reduce fuel usage
  • Control caterer selection of required galley plans for each flight
  • Enhance the caterer dispatch process with dispatch-friendly documentation
  • Simplify crew handover with detailed container labels
  • Enable crew onboard to have access to essential galley packing information


Stay Ahead of Your Galley Planning


  • Manage container types, bay types, and your aircraft families/types and layouts
  • Utilize graphical tools to accurately recreate galley diagrams
  • Use rule-based controls to mirror the physical interactions between containers


  • Create, load, and publish galley load plans
  • Compare load plans to identify imbalances
  • Control and monitor stowage weight limits for safe loading of the aircraft
  • Drag-n-drop tools for fast galley plan creation

Task Manager

  • Manage multiple user profiles
  • Create and assign tasks
  • Approve or reject changes


  • Batch select galley plans, container reports, and task data for a publication
  • Publish large volumes of reports to PDF with a few clicks
  • View, manage and download publications for offline archiving

Caterer Portal

  • Enable caterers to access the airline’s galley plan data online
  • Provide the capability to access and print reports and labels
  • Facilitate the review of the flight schedule
  • Permit the viewing of parts and container catalogs

Image Library

  • Upload part photos for convenient identification by caterers
  • Upload container images to enhance comprehension of packing requirements
  • Download images for third-party documentation purposes

Parts Catalog

  • Efficiently manage and organize a wide range of part attributes
  • Get a part replacement capability for fast substitution of superseded parts across your galley plans
  • Analyze usage patterns and track the weight impact within the aircraft

Container Catalog

  • Add, edit, copy, delete containers
  • Use drag-n-drop to adjust and load container packing with high efficiency
  • Track usage and use smart replacement technology to rapidly update published content
  • Display results by product, module, container, or flight schedule

Virtual Containers

  • Efficiently handle diverse load options for a stowage, streamlining the management of varied galley packing configurations without requiring a separate galley plan for each
  • Optimize storage and simplify inventory management by digitally representing and consolidating similar loading options
  • Allow users to manage multiple options for a stowage at the parent or at the child container level, enhancing flexibility for complex configurations

Deadheading/Equipment Management & Balancing

  • Automate equipment balancing using our tool that analyses and recommends changes to container packing
  • Remove the failure point of incorrectly balancing rotable equipment between flights
  • Auto-create and load containers to designated deadhead stowages


Simplify Galley Design and Automate Manual Processes

Save Operational Time and Money During the Pre-Flight Stage

  • Reduce costs of managing galley plans
  • Design and optimize galley plans to streamline operations, increase accuracy, and improve performance, saving time and money
  • Gain real insight into equipment and costs
  • Calculate equipment inflow and outflow to reduce overage and wastage costs and expensive last-minute shipping expenses to rectify understocked flights
  • Optimize loading and reduce fuel usage
  • Enable better fuel cost planning through up-to-the-minute stowing and packing instructions with accurate weight and balance calculations—enabling efficient aircraft fueling

    View and Share Galley Information Instantly During the Day of Operations

    • Manage product versioning and change controls
    • Allow planning teams to control caterer access to galley planning changes and share final plans when they are ready to execute
    • Communicate through an interactive and intuitive caterer portal
    • Streamline communications between the galley planner and caterers via our vendor-accessible dashboard
    • Utilize smart loading technology to dramatically reduce your number of galley plans with logical rule-based virtual containers

        Optimize and Improve Through Automated Communications

        • Configure the level of communication driven by the systems automated notification tools, using visual alerts, structured change notices, and a variety of informative and targeted emails advising of changes made in the system


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