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Automate the Meal Ordering Process

Streamline the entire meal order operation


Manual, Decentralized Approach to Meal Ordering

Airport staff are responsible for handling the challenges of flight departures while predicting meal orders required to ensure sufficient catering is provided. The ability to control and minimize wastage is limited because the data needed to cross-check and analyze success is usually found only in emails/telexes and disconnected airline systems. This labor-intensive and manual approach to meal ordering involves vigilant monitoring and intervention in reacting to daily anomalies, often with customer service prioritizing costs for catering and services.


A Fully Automated Rule-based Meal Ordering System

With Paxia Orders, you get a centralized, fully automated rule-based meal ordering system that reacts to operational changes received from an airline’s departure control and reservations systems. The system stores all the data generated for meal orders, providing data transparency for fast and informed analysis. Wastage is now system-controlled using business logic converted into rules to calculate the most efficient meal levels without compromising the service offering. Airport staff is now free to dedicate all their attention to customer service and handling the day-to-day operations at the airport.


Powered by Paxia Orders

Minimize food wastage

System-based meal ordering is designed to apply logical adjustments to meal orders irrespective of the workload experienced by airport staff during the operational window. The order is based on fundamental data and system-applied airline logic that has been tried and tested to limit wastage.

Achieve data and cost transparency

Data passed to the system, and the subsequent meal order numbers generated at each key point in the process provide a vast array of data that can be analyzed and utilized for other purposes. Visibility of the complete data set enables verification of vendor orders and provides supporting information for anomalies in the operational window, assisting both parties with issue resolution.

Get a highly efficient process with limited human intervention

As a self-sufficient system, Paxia Orders runs itself in auto mode. Meal orders are automatically created and progress through the different stages of the process without manual action. Defined settings automatically trigger alerts for scenarios that might require human intervention, giving back control to the airline in extreme circumstances such as extended flight delays.

Ordering Made Easy

Manage the entire life cycle of an airline service order efficiently