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Paxia Brochure

Learn about Paxia—who we are and how our products simplify the complexities of airline catering management.

Paxia GP

Easy-to-use galley planning, ordering, and scheduling solution.

Paxia IFX

Real-time catering management across your entire onboard services network.

Paxia Services

Gain total peace of mind with our expert services teams—from dedicated support to implementation to expert consulting.


Top 4 Tips for Airline Galley Planning

Step-by-step recommendations during the COVID-19 reduced aircraft loadings.


Airline Catering Management Solutions

The world’s leading airlines count on Paxia’s cloud-based catering solutions.

Top 4 Tips for Airline Galley Planning

Learn about our top 4 tips for Paxia GP during the COVID-19 disruption.