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Ordering Made Easy

Generate meal orders with a push of a button


Efficiently Manage All Your Flight Orders

Paxia Orders offers a complete set of tools to manage the entire life cycle of an airline service order efficiently. Paxia Orders is used by airlines and caterers to generate meal orders for operating flights while presenting costs in an easy-to-manage format that enables agreement on the payment amount.


Simplify your Ordering Process


  • View quick snapshots of the items that require the user’s attention, such as orders pending approval, the current status of orders/flight events, or passenger numbers
  • Search using criteria such as flights that depart at a particular station during a specific time range


  • Locate orders using search criteria such as caterer, order number, flight number, date range, and order status
  • Create a new order for an entire flight leg
  • Import multiple orders from an Excel template

PAX Adjustment Rules

  • Create, administer, test, and search for rules that auto-adjust passenger counts

Flight Service Schedule

  • Access the query-released FSS option, which allows viewing the most current FSS
  • Manually generate new orders against an existing flight


  • Learn more about your operational efficiency and effectiveness by comparing estimates to actuals


  • Access polling policies which drive the system in many aspects like order creation, status change, etc.
  • Import passenger counts, SPMLs, etc.


Enhance How You Create Your Service Orders

  • Increase information for your caterers to reduce meal shortages
  • Expand caterer’s ability to meet special and crew meal orders
  • Provide better information for gate agents to manage the flight
  • Reduce the day-to-day involvement of airline field personnel in service ordering
  • Standardize flight attendant-friendly boarding document
  • Deliver proactive management of the meal adjustment factors, reducing over-catering
  • Offer operational reporting to monitor the performance of caterers and the accuracy of meal adjustment factors
  • Allow all service orders to be invoiced electronically, reducing the cost of processing


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