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Realize the Promise of an Automated Specifications Workflow

Eliminate tedious manual work and streamline your workflow


Utilize the Building Blocks for the Perfect Onboard Service

Specifications are the goods or services required by the inflight services operation, which the airline can order from a caterer/supplier. Paxia Specifications provides the infrastructure, hierarchy, and pricing management for all costs associated with aircraft catering, including, but not limited to, meal prices/ground handling/laundry/warehousing/special meal charges and standard uplift items.

The specs are defined/created within Paxia and presented for approval. After the specs are approved, the airline requests a spec price quotation from a caterer. The airline either approves the prices or requests a different price quotation for specs from the caterer until an agreed-upon price is approved.

Once spec codes are approved, Paxia Schedules uses the spec codes for flight assignments based on the flight schedule and scheduling rules. Orders are created using these approved specs on flights, and then specs and prices are used for Invoicing. These principles can be applied to managing a comprehensive range of charges that arise on a flight-by-flight basis.

Paxia Specifications segregates information by station, increases efficiencies, reduces the occurrence of data errors, and provides real-time transparency of the airline’s catering requirements to their suppliers worldwide.


Get Access to a Wide Range of Menu Options


  • Includes functionality related to all specifications stored in the application
  • Allows access to creating and updating specifications, as well as providing access to other functions available related to specifications


  • Gives the user access to specification pricing details, price history, and the ability to manage pricing requests


  • Provides access to view or manage reference data related to specifications, such as Spec Tags, Load Scales, and Rotation Types


Streamline Communications between Airlines and Caterers

  • Offer a clear workflow, ensuring ease-of-use and a consistent approach for all users
  • Provide an intuitive, consistent formatting of reports—reduces errors and ensures good communication
  • Share data with Paxia Schedules, Paxia Orders, and Paxia Invoices
  • Reuse data quickly, reducing data entry/maintenance time
  • Evaluate changes in real-time, allowing for decisions to be made quickly


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See What Paxia Can Do for You

Discover how Paxia Specifications can make you more productive and save you time.

See What Paxia Can Do for You

Discover how Paxia Specifications can make you more productive and save you time.