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Optimizing Airline Catering Management

For 20 years, global airlines of all sizes have counted on Paxia’s catering operations products and expert services team to reduce catering overspend, reduce wastage, save on fuel, and manage and simplify delivering onboard services.

Our Numbers Speak for Themselves

10 of the top 20 global
airlines rely on Paxia


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Onboard Services Simplified

Real-World Airline Use Cases

Get Inspired by Paxia Catering Management Solutions In Action

Managing Galley Changes

Learn how easy it can be to manage changes in galley planning through Paxia GP rather than on spreadsheets or in multiple documents.

Automating the Meal Order Process

Find out how Paxia IFX’s Order module provides a centralized, rules-based meal ordering system that reacts to operational changes.

Checking Invoices with Accuracy

See how Paxia IFX Inovice module enables 100% automated invoice checking by validating every line item, price, and quantity ordered.

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Paxia Solutions

Tailored to your needs. Scales with your demand.

Small or large, you get the solution you need

Paxia solutions support all sizes of airlines and deliver the level of quality, automation, and control required by you—adapting to your systems, processes, and business initiatives. Our products and services simplify the complexities of catering management by allowing better planning and more automation, giving you a better ROI and ultimately, positively impacting your bottom line.


Ensure a single source of truth and reduce complexity

From pre-flight, to day-of and post-flight operations, our cloud-based Paxia IFX gives you real-time visibility to plan, deliver, monitor, adapt, and report on all the services you manage for every flight, every day.


Optimize loading and fuel savings from warehouse to plane

Our cloud-based Paxia GP is an
easy-to-use galley planning, ordering, and scheduling solution. It is your vendor- sharable portal for your galley designs, loading plans, equipment inventory/ balancing, and entire supply chain.


Gain total peace of mind

Our 24-hour/day expert services team has seen it all. We hold your hand every step of the way to ensure you have an exceptional customer experience. Paxia provides worldwide coverage everyday so you don’t have to worry about your onboard catering management. Ever.