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Get a Sophisticated Scheduling Engine

Manage Schedules according to pre-defined Schedule Rules


Simplify Incorporating Complex Business Rules into Your Scheduling Process

Paxia Schedules is the art of applying general principles about the level of service across the network to all flights in the airline’s raw schedule to produce a complete Flight Service Schedule (FSS)—a list of all flights and, for each flight, a list of the services to be served. Paxia Schedules assigns specific services (such as catering meals and provisions) to individual flights based on the carrier’s business rules. It allows you to control the rules that assign the services, so all similar flights receive common service assignments; however, the system’s flexibility allows exceptions to the standard rules to be applied to meet specific requirements.


Uncomplicate Your Scheduling Needs

Operational Schedule Maintenance

  • Store multiple carrier operational schedules
  • Use any of the stored schedules to assign services
  • Import schedule data using the IATA SSIM Chapter 7 format

Rule Maintenance

  • Provide a fully functional user interface for the creation/maintenance of rules for scheduling
  • Create a rule in the form of “If the following facts are true about the flight leg, then assign this service”
  • Test rules and rule sets before making them live

Assign Services to Flights

  • Process each flight in a schedule, in turn associating services according to rule

Rule Log

  • Test and validate service assignments
  • Access a detailed list outlining the rules that have affected a flight in the schedule

Flight Service Schedule (FSS)

  • Generate multiple FSS
  • “Drill down” to access/view the flight details
  • Manage FSS
  • Compare FSS
  • Create a series of reports available for instant download, including flight schedules, flight details with rule logs, and change reports

Access/View Schedules

  • Provide caterers the ability to view the catering schedules (approved flight schedules) through web pages
  • Download schedules in PDF and CSV formats

Communicate Changes

  • Utilize change notices to communicate scheduled services to caterers and other supply-chain participants
  • Produce change notices and make available to the caterers in PDF format only when a new FSS is released

Service Demand Forecast (SDF)

  • Provide the ability to generate demand forecast using any of the stored FSS
  • Maintain forecasting rules (user-defined) or import a PAX forecast file
  • Manage SDF
  • Compare 2 SDFs stored in the system
  • Release the forecast data to make available to caterers


Turn Schedules into Actions

  • Optimize spending by scheduling services consistently across the network
  • Update the catering schedule regularly to react to operational changes
  • Forecast your service demands more accurately
  • Create an unlimited number of hypothetical service schedules to aid “What If” analysis
  • Understand the impact of changes before rolling them out
  • Offer the ability to create and maintain complex business rules
  • Provide carriers the ability to communicate the service assignments to caterers and their supply chain participants
  • Provide “What If” capability to support the planning function by offering the ability to work with multiple planning schedules and different service concepts


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