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Never Overpay for What You Ordered

Keep a handle on your inflight service operations costs


Accurately Account for All Supplier Charges

Paxia Invoices validates orders and generates invoices for all orders that are in completed status. It completes the loop of controlling an in-flight service operation. It is responsible for validating invoices being raised by suppliers by either receiving a system interface from the supplier or by reverse invoicing, which generates the invoice on behalf of the supplier. Get invoices on a flight-by-flight basis or grouped into any date range. You get a sophisticated range of tools that simplify managing one of the highest spending areas for an airline.


Get the Details You Need, When You Need It


  • View a quick snapshot of the items that require the user’s attention, such as ‘Invoice pending review,’ ‘Recently updated Invoice,’ and ‘Rules’


    • Give the user access to specification pricing details, price history, and the ability to manage pricing requests

    Invoicing Rules

    • Add, review, edit, and delete invoicing rules
    • Control everything from auto-approving discrepancies to generating rejections and cost liability of a delayed or canceled flight
    • Create tax and general ledger mappings


      • Manage all data that is core to supporting Paxia Invoices
      • Configure back-office structure such as invoicing periods by stations and setting up taxes/fees/discounts, etc.


      Get the Full Breakdown of the Costs Incurred

      • Eliminate paper and save money through unprecedented accuracy
      • Receive caterer invoices electronically
      • Introduce reverse invoicing where appropriate
      • Validate every item on the invoice automatically
      • Check that quantities are as expected
      • Check that prices are as agreed
      • Apply airline-determined audit rules and tolerances


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