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Take Control of Your Inventory Operations

Procure, manage, optimize, and control stock with minimal wastage

For Material Requirements Planning


Erratic Demand. Changing PAX Loads. Inability to Accurately Predict Inventory Levels.

One of the primary challenges Material Requirements Planning (MRP) operators face is demand’s dynamic and often unpredictable nature. They must contend with fluctuating passenger loads, varying routes, and evolving preferences, directly impacting inventory requirements. The ability to accurately predict and adapt to sudden changes in demand remains a significant challenge.

Additionally, coordinating with numerous suppliers with unique schedules and lead times can be intricate and demanding. The MRP operator must balance stock levels while maintaining just-in-time inventory levels and avoiding costly stockouts or overstocking. Furthermore, the need to continuously optimize procurement processes while controlling costs adds a layer of complexity to their responsibilities.


Complete Visibility into Asset Levels from the DRP to the MRP to the NDC

Paxia Assets provides MRP operators with a powerful toolkit to address their complex responsibilities and challenges. Paxia’s forecasting and demand planning tools offer precise insights into inventory needs, helping operators adapt to dynamic passenger loads and shifting preferences. By optimizing and automating the creation of purchase orders, Paxia streamlines supplier communication and material procurement, ensuring the right quantities are sourced at the right time. The three-way invoice matching feature adds a layer of financial control, enhancing accuracy in accounts payable processes. Furthermore, Paxia’s SKU management simplifies item tracking, and its reporting and analytics capabilities empower data-driven decisions. While challenges persist in this dynamic industry, Paxia serves as a comprehensive solution that empowers MRP operators to manage inventory, control costs efficiently, and confidently meet the ever-evolving demands of the airline industry.


Powered by Paxia Assets

Incorporating Paxia into the MRP process ensures streamlined, data-driven, efficient inventory management, supplier relationships, and procurement processes within the airline industry. Paxia is a comprehensive solution that enhances visibility, control, and collaboration across the supply chain.

  • Inventory Management: Efficiently manage inventory at the National Distribution Center (NDC) through a user-friendly interface that allows operators to have real-time visibility into stock levels and easily track items such as meals, beverages, blankets, and more
  • Demand Forecasting and Planning: Generate accurate demand forecasts based on historical data from catering stations through robust forecasting and demand features, enabling prediction of future requirements and ensuring the NDC maintains optimal stock levels
  • Smart Min-Max Policies: Set and enforce minimum and maximum stock levels more effectively through algorithms that calculate ideal stock thresholds, helping operators prevent stockouts and excess inventory
  • Streamlined Supplier Communication: Streamline communication with suppliers by quickly creating purchase orders specifying quantities, prices, and delivery dates
  • Three-Way Invoice Matching: Verify that invoices align with purchase orders and actual receipts through a seamless 3-way matching feature. Enhance accuracy in the accounts payable process and validate invoices before payment
  • Supplier Relationship Management: Document supplier agreements, track performance, and negotiate terms to optimize procurement processes to manage supplier relationships more effectively
  • Efficient Order Processing: Simplify the order processing workflow by creating, modifying, tracking, and confirming purchase orders that streamline the entire ordering process, reducing errors and improving efficiency
  • Optimized Material Flow: Ensure that materials are procured and delivered just in time, reducing storage costs and waste by analyzing processing times, lead times, and supplier schedules
  • Transfer and Distribution Management: Plan and execute inventory transfers seamlessly between NDCs or distribution to catering stations
  • SKU Management with Paxia: Manage and assign unique Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) codes to items for end-to-end tracking, simplifying the management of a diverse range of materials
  • Cost Control with Data Analysis: Empower MRP operators to analyze historical data and generate reports by identifying trends, anomalies, and consumption patterns, which inform data-driven decisions for cost control and inventory optimization

For Distribution Requirements Planning


Sub-Optimal Ability to Control Inventory Levels Throughout the Supply Chain

One of the primary challenges for a Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP) operator is the delicate balance between ensuring passenger satisfaction and controlling costs. DRP operators must navigate the complex web of inventory management, supplier relations, and distribution logistics to ensure that the right materials, such as blankets, napkins, and beverages, are consistently available to passengers when needed. Overstocking can lead to financial waste and operational inefficiencies, while understocking can distress passengers and damage the airline’s reputation. DRP operators must also contend with factors like lead times, supplier integration, and fluctuating consumption patterns, adding further complexity to their role. Striking the right balance between inventory levels and timely orders is a constant challenge, as the airline industry demands precision, cost-effectiveness, and an unwavering commitment to enhancing the passenger experience.


Efficient Control and Management of Inventory Operations. Reduce Wastage. Lower Costs.

With Paxia Assets, DRP operators can streamline the complex tasks of managing and controlling inventory, view real-time tracking, automate order generation, and set min-max inventory levels at each station. DRP operators can easily balance the need to maintain optimal stock levels with the necessity of cost control.

Paxia automates order creation based on consumption forecasts and keeps a close eye on supplier integration, ensuring that materials are procured efficiently and delivered in a timely manner.

By considering lead times and offering comprehensive tracking and analytics, Paxia empowers DRP operators to make informed decisions, maintain passenger satisfaction, and streamline inventory management processes while reducing waste and cost overruns.

Paxia helps DRP operators navigate the challenging landscape of the airline industry’s asset management, ensuring that passengers receive the amenities they need when they need them.


Powered by Paxia Assets

Paxia offers a comprehensive solution for the DRP operator by empowering the asset management operators to control and manage inventory efficiently. This includes:

  • Real-Time Inventory Tracking: Get real-time visibility into inventory, ensuring up-to-date information on material availability
  • Automated Order Generation: Automate order creation based on consumption forecasts, reducing manual work and errors
  • Min-Max Inventory Management: Set and maintain optimal inventory levels, balancing passenger demands and cost control
  • Supplier Integration: Provide seamless integration with suppliers for efficient material procurement and timely deliveries
  • Lead Time Consideration: Take into account lead times for accurate order planning, preventing stockouts to ensure timely deliveries

Always Know What is in Your Inventory

Real-time inventory tracking. Streamlined workflow. Efficient data reuse.