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Check Invoices with Accuracy

Reduce catering overspend through accurate invoice reconciliation


Menu Planning by Third-Party Vendors is a Time-consuming Ordeal

Leaving the format and content in the hands of third-party menu planning vendors is a disaster waiting to happen. The wide variety of document formats makes comparing meal specifications, pricing, and structure with the final invoice for each flight challenging. It can be too time-consuming to consistently cross-check a single flight, let alone all their flight invoices. Spot check auditing provides small opportunities to identify incorrect billing, but this does not ensure all anomalies are caught. Catering overspend is a fact of life, and the manpower required to catch each issue is counterproductive to the savings that might be achieved.


Stop Paying What You Don’t Owe

With Paxia Invoices, you get a 100% automated system-driven invoice checking that validates every line item, cost, and quantity ordered. A fully configurable rule engine operates unlimited checks and balances that ensure every flight is billed at the correct amount. Caterers submit their invoices electronically for automated validation and payment approval, speeding up the payment process and ensuring the airline can take full advantage of early payment discounts.


Powered by Paxia Invoices

Ensure that 100% of the invoices are accurately validated
Our system validates every vendor invoice, comparing it against the meal order history and any relevant factors that would impact the overall cost. Any anomalies are captured, and requests are automatically generated for the vendor to rectify and resubmit for payment.

Get unlimited rules checking on each invoice
The invoice-checking rule engine provides a limitless number of parameters that can be used to scrutinize and cross-check every line item. A range of allowances ensures suitable tolerances can be applied. The airline accepts variations while pinpointing other situations where broken rules and a line item require vendor attention.

Provide automatic approval/rejection
The process is fully automated, providing a hands-off solution that handles approval and rejection on behalf of the airline. This allows for airline staff to focus on invoices requiring executive review due to extreme scenarios outside the normal operational activity.

Reduce labor effort
Due to the auto-pilot nature of the Paxia Invoices, the resources required to monitor the validation of every invoice are limited to a small administration team of 1-2 resources.

Never Overpay for What You Ordered

Accurately account for all supplier charges