Paxia GP

Easy-to-use galley planning, ordering, and scheduling solution

Galley planning made simple

As our entry-level module of the Paxia IFX suite, Paxia GP (Galley Planning) is a cloud-based, easy-to-use, sharable and real-time source of an airline’s galley planning, ordering, and scheduling solution. Paxia GP provides a single source, vendor-shareable portal for your galley designs, services/equipment inventory, onboarding plans, load balancing, and entire supply chain.

Ditch the spreadsheet. Reduce the complexity. Automate your manual processes.

Design, catalog, & automate

Reduce your dependence on error-prone spreadsheets and increase accuracy, improve performance, and save time & money.

Loading, weight, & balance control

Enable better planning and optimize how you load, adjusting as factors or business demands change.

Less waste, more fuel savings

GP’s design, process management, and centralized communications result in reduced waste and greater fuel savings.

Why Paxia GP?

Simplify design and automate manual processes to reduce costs and wastage

Move away from spreadsheets and simplify your galley plan design while optimizing loading, fuel savings, and warehouse space with Paxia GP. Achieve operational and business alignment. Action OH&S rules to safely load your galleys. Enjoy the assurance of accurately reporting on weight and balance.


Save operational time and money

Reduce costs of managing galley plans

Design and optimize galley plans to streamline operations, increase accuracy, and improve performance.

Gain real insight in equipment and costs

Calculate equipment inflow and outflow to reduce overage and wastage costs and expensive last minute shipping expenses to rectify understocked flights.

Optimize loading and reduce fuel usage

Enable better fuel cost planning through up-to-the-minute stowing and packing instructions with accurate weight calculations—enabling efficient aircraft fueling.

Day of Operations

View and share galley information instantly

Manage product versioning and change controls

Allow planning teams to control caterer access to galley planning changes and share final plans when they are ready to execute.

Communicate through an interactive and intuitive caterer portal

Streamline communications between the galley planner and caterers via our vendor-accessible dashboard.

Enjoy smart loading technology

Dramatically reduce your number of galley plans with logical rule-based virtual containers.

On Going

Optimize and improve through constant feedback

Continuously improve your catering processes

Integrate user feedback into your catering management system processes for constant improvement and optimization. Save time, reduce costs, and improve your bottom line.

Paxia GP simplifies…

Planning Operations

  • Replicates galley and container structure and interaction
  • Gives real insight into equipment usage across your schedule
  • Enables accurate galley plans for weight and balance
  • Controls release of packing requirements with caterers
  • Provides safety checks to avoid OH&S situations
  • Accelerates ability to manage changes in aircraft loading
  • Provides product versioning and change controls

Kitchen Operations

  • Provides inventory control
  • Allows for production planning efficiencies
  • Provides labor planning
  • Supplies quality control
  • Provides sales forecast accuracy
  • Manages material consumptions (actual versus theoretical)
  • Provides purchase statistics and supplier performance
  • Shows flight statistics (flight count, passenger count, meal count, load factor)
  • Furnishes revenue breakdown (customer, passenger class, meal type, sales category)
  • Displays operational productivity (CPC)

Flight Operations

  • Provides full graphical representation of an aircraft’s stowage locations
  • Integrates with Departure Control to provide flight specific catering weight values
  • Provides essential tools to resolve equipment imbalances before they occur
  • Optimizes loading and reduces fuel usage
  • Controls caterer selection of required Galley Plan for each flight
  • Enhances caterer dispatch process with dispatch friendly documentation
  • Simplifies crew handover with detailed container labels
  • Enables crew onboard to have access to essential galley packing information

Vendor-sharable web portal

Access the loading plans for each caterer station through a secure caterer portal.

  • Get the ability to print off full set of the airline’s published flight loading instructions.
  • Provide read-only access to Container & Parts Catalogue to allow searches.
  • Get labels listing flight number, departure time, stowage position, galley and packing contents available for each flight.