Paxia IFX

Real-time catering management across your entire onboard services network

Your single source of truth

Paxia IFX is a cloud-based catering management solution that provides a holistic view of your entire onboard services process—from the warehouse to the flight, and from billing reconciliation to reporting and optimization.

Simplify catering management

Manage every service that needs to be planned, designed, procured, and priced across your entire network in one centralized system.

Reduce errors, waste, fuel burn, and billing discrepancies

Service specifications and supply chain design/automation presented in a structured, but user-friendly way, allowing you and your suppliers to easily adapt and optimize your delivery workflow.

Improve collaboration, responsiveness, reporting, and satisfaction

As a single, collaborative workspace, you share day-of-flight updates and ongoing post-flight reporting with the goal of delivering ever superior services to your passengers.

Why Paxia IFX?

Simplifying the complex

Paxia IFX empowers airlines to manage and have complete control of their onboard services from pre-flight planning to flight operations to post-flight reconciliation and optimization.

Confidently plan your service schedule

Simplify catering program management

Manage everything that needs to be planned, designed, procured, and priced across your entire network from one centralized system.

Reduce errors and product wastage

Meal design and planning functionality delivered in a structured, user-friendly and productive way, allowing your airline and your suppliers to design and price specifications through an online collaborative workflow.

Obtain a single and controlled view

Enable better collaboration with caterers during the menu planning process, reducing resource costs and errors.

Obtain information at your fingertips

Configurable, automated passenger adjustment rules

Automatically submit service orders and operational updates to caterers and update passenger counts, crew counts, and departure times periodically as takeoff time approaches.

Real-time data publishing

Communicate with caterers and vendors across all aircrafts and stations in real-time via a single channel to increase accuracy and expedite the decision making process on the menu design.

Continuous service validation, reconciliation, and optimization

Single flight invoices

Expedite the validation process between the airline and caterer immediately after the flight departs versus waiting until the end of the respective invoicing period.

Invoice validation

Simplify invoice tracking through standardize invoice actions—a highly configurable system to identify discrepancies and determine invoice validity.

Invoice reconciliation

Tracking of invoice payments allows for three-way reconciliation between internal caterer invoice numbers, IFX invoice numbers, and airline payments.

Reporting and optimization

Optimize and continually improve your catering services through constant feedback.

Paxia IFX simplifies…

Specification Management

  • Offers you a clear workflow, ensuring ease-of-use and a consistent approach from all users
  • Provides an intuitive, consistent formatting of reports—reduces errors and ensures good communication
  • Shares data with scheduling, meal ordering, and invoicing apps
  • Reuses data easily, reducing data entry/maintenance time
  • Evaluates changes in real time, allowing for decisions to be made quickly

Service Scheduling

  • Optimizes spending by scheduling services consistently across the network
  • Updates the catering schedule regularly to react to operational changes
  • Forecasts your service demands more accurately
  • Creates an unlimited number of hypothetical service schedules to aid ‘what if’ analysis
  • Understands the impact of changes before rolling them out

Service Ordering

  • Increases information for your caterers to reduce meal shortages
  • Increases caterer’s ability to meet special and crew meal orders
  • Provides better information for gate agents to manage the flight
  • Reduces the day-to-day involvement from airline field personnel in service ordering
  • Standardizes flight attendant-friendly boarding document
  • Provides proactive management of the meal adjustment factors, reducing over-catering
  • Provides operational reporting to monitor performance of caterers and the accuracy of meal adjustment factors
  • Allows all service orders to be invoiced electronically, reducing the cost of processing

Invoice Validation

  • Eliminates paper and saves money through unprecedented accuracy
  • Receives caterer invoices electronically
  • Introduces reverse-invoicing where appropriate
  • Validates every item on the invoice automatically
  • Checks that quantities are as expected
  • Checks that prices are as agreed
  • Applies airline-determined audit rules and tolerances
  • Resolves discrepancies online
  • Integrates with airline AP/GL systems

Everywhere accessible and shareable

Manages all onboard services delivery through an intuitive web portal and dashboard Provides an integrated role-based view of all the data sourced, stored, processed or accessed—minimizing data redundancy, disparity, and errors Enables you to create a platform that meets your specific user needs and requirements through customizable applications and module configurations