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Part 2: What are the Top 7 Tips for Paxia Invoices?

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This week, we conclude with the four remaining tips for Paxia Invoices.

Tip 4:
How do I ensure early payment discounts are received, even if invoices are in dispute?

Choose to make payments for all invoices, including invalid ones, and handle discrepancies post-payment.

  • Navigate to Invoices> Search Invoicing Periods
  • Use filters to view the required invoicing period(s)
  • Click on the ‘Schedule Payment’ icon against an invoicing period
  • Select between ‘Ordered Copy’ or ‘Billed Copy’ to pay against
  • Enter a reason for the forced payment and ‘Save’

Tip 5:
How do I view the changes that have occurred throughout the history of an invoice?

  • Navigate to Invoices > Search Invoice
  • Use filters to view the required Invoice (s)
  • Click on the ‘View Invoice Change History’ button at the top of the invoice page
  • The screen will show the detailed history.

Tip 6:
How do I view the charges/discounts applied to line items in an invoice?

  • Navigate to Manage Invoices > Search Invoice
  • Use filters to view the required Invoice (s)
  • Scroll down to the section ‘Line Item Details’
  • Click on the ‘View Charges Breakdown’ icon against a line item
  • The system will show the list of charges applied to that line item.

Tip 7:
What do I do if incorrect pricing has been identified for one or more paid invoices?

The system is designed to automatically calculate and submit a debit/credit by locating every occurrence of the incorrect price across all invoices.

  • Navigate to Specifications > Price
  • Click ‘Add Price’
  • Locate the affected Specification
  • Enter a new price with an appropriate back-dated effective date
  • Follow the price approval process to ‘approve’ the corrected price
  • Upon price approval, the system will automatically trigger a Retroactive Price Adjustment

We hope you have enjoyed our entire Tips and Tricks blog series for our Paxia Cloud catering management platform and found some answers to things you never knew you could do with Paxia. For more information on Paxia Cloud and our seven catering-related applications, please visit us at: