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Part 1: What are the Top 10 Tips for Paxia Schedules?

Catering Management, Paxia Cloud, Paxia Schedules

This week’s blog offers Part 1 of the tips and tricks for Paxia Schedules, part of our catering management platform, Paxia Cloud.

Tip 1:
How do I know when the last SSIM file was imported into the system?

  • Navigate to Scheduling
  • View the list of Schedule sets on the dashboard under ‘Schedule Set’
  • Click on the schedule set that is marked as Production
  • View the import log on the screen:
    • The first in the list is the most recently imported

Tip 2:
How do I view the Flight Service Schedule (FSS) exception report?

  • Navigate to Scheduling
  • View the list of FSS on the dashboard under ‘Flight Service Schedules’
  • Click on the Information icon against any of the FSS listed, which displays a report is shown in a new tab:
    • This exception report offers a summary view of the FSS and any warnings.

Tip 3:
How do I view the Flight Service Schedule (FSS) rule log from the Scheduling Admin Dashboard? 

  • Navigate to Scheduling
  • View the list of Flight Service Schedules on the dashboard under ‘Flight Service Schedule’
  • Click on the FSS in question
  • Search for the relevant flight using the search criteria
  • Click on the flight number for any flight to view the rules applied to the flight in question

Tip 4:
How do I turn off certain categories of a ruleset while generating a Flight Service Schedule (FSS)?e same specification?

  • Navigate to create FSS
  • Select the Schedule Set
  • Select the Effective and Expiration dates
  • Click on the ‘Select Ruleset’ icon (Binoculars)
  • Click on the desired ruleset
  • Select/de-select individual rule categories
  • Click on the Submit button
  • The FSS is generated with just the rules belonging to the categories selected.

Tip 5:
What is the best way to make changes to the rules?

  • Make a copy of the production ruleset
  • Generate a Hypothetical FSS (3-5 days)
  • Make changes to the rules
  • Generate another Hypothetical FSS (for the same date range as the previous)
  • Compare the two mini FSS to identify the actual impact of the rule changes

Stay tuned for the second part of our Paxia Schedules blog, where we will continue providing helpful tips.
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