Sustainability in the Airline Industry—
Reduce Paper Usage

Save the Trees. Save the Forests. Reduce Paper Usage. For many airlines, reducing paper consumption is one of the easiest ways to help the environment and meet their sustainability goals. Worldwide consumption of paper has risen by 400% in the past 40 years, and with that, the pulp and paper industry continues to be the […]

Sustainability in the Airline Industry—
Waste Management

IATA has a goal of a 50% reduction in CO2 by 2050, and airlines all over the globe are working on green initiatives to achieve their sustainability goals and reduce their overall carbon footprint. While changing to biofuels is the greatest way for airlines to lower their carbon emissions, weight reduction through lowering cabin waste and reusing/recycling items is becoming a priority.

Sustainability in the Airline Industry—
What We Heard at IFSA 2021

Going green was a key topic at the 2021 APEX/IFSA conference in Long Beach. The CEOs and Presidents from United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Japan Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Atlantic Airways, Spirit Airlines, Star Alliance, Southwest Airlines, JSX, and Saudia all emphasized the importance of sustainability in the Airline Industry. Sustainability is also a high priority […]

How to Know if You’ve Outgrown Your Airline’s In-House Catering Software

From their inception, all airlines face key decisions about how to manage the complexities of onboard services. A robust, customizable technology stack is imperative to driving scale and efficiency onboard. However, systems comprehensive enough to cover an airline’s every need may not have been available when these investments were first chosen. And so, the strategic […]

Three Reasons to Ditch the Spreadsheet and Modernize Your Airline Catering Operations

Every industry has a story of how modern technology has either empowered its ability to quickly adapt in times of change, or held it back. Despite the significance of the airline industry to global economic health, many carriers are still operating with outdated methods of organizing and sharing information. This is especially challenging during this […]