Part 2: What are the Top 10 Tips for Airline Catering Scheduling?

In this week’s blog, we conclude our tips and tricks for the Paxia Airline Catering platform’s Scheduling module.

Tip 6:
How do I identify Release Flight Service Schedule (FSS) changes?

  • The ‘Compare FSS’ function provides a view of changes between FSS files
  • Changes to the following are highlighted in YELLOW:
    • A/C Type
    • Departure Time
    • Arrival Time
    • Mileage
  • Service Code changes can be identified in both YELLOW and BOLD
  • New flight records are shown in PINK
  • Canceled flight (not part of the FSS) records are shown in GREY

Tip 7:
How do I view flights with no service assignments?

  • Navigate to Flight Service Schedule -> Search FSS
  • Select the FSS
  • Select Filter By ‘No Services Served’
  • Click Search button

Tip 8:
How do I view flights with missing boarding information? 

  • Navigate to Flight Service Schedule -> Search FSS
  • Select the FSS
  • Select Filter By ‘Missing Boarding Info’
  • Click Search button

Tip 9:
What are the best methods to troubleshoot a Flight Service Schedule (FSS)?

  • Review the rule log. (The Rule log is accessed via Search FSS function.)
  • Use the Compare FSS function to identify changes between the selected Flight Service Schedules.

Tip 10:
Can I have more than one caterer for a station?

Sometimes, having more than one caterer for a single station is necessary to provide a complete solution. This is easily accomplished in the Paxia Catering Management solution with a few basic steps.

  • You can set up multiple caterers for a single station, with only one as the default caterer.
  • Our catering management platform supports having unique caterers to fully cater certain flights based on specific parameters, while another caterer handles a full service of a different set of flights within the same station.
  • The Paxia Catering Management solution also supports having multiple caterers to cater portions of the same flight, with each caterer providing different services on the same flight.

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