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Part 1: What are the Top 7 Tips for Paxia Invoices?

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We end our tips and tricks blog series with answers to frequently asked questions for our remaining application, Paxia Invoices.  Continue reading for the first three of seven tips.

Tip 1
How do I use rules to assign invoice or line-item level tags and/or error codes?

Invoice Tags:

  • Navigate to Invoices > Administration > Invoice Tags
  • Create Invoice Tags such as account number, cost center codes, and location ID
  • Use the Service Validation Rule Engine to trigger when to assign each invoice tag

Error Codes:

  • Navigate to Invoices > Administration > Error Codes
  • Create Error Codes to manage invoice discrepancies like billed qty or an amount greater than order qty/amount unscheduled line item
  • Use the Invoices Validation Rule Engine to trigger when to assign each error code

Tip 2:
How do I create any combination of taxes, fees, and discounts applied at the Invoice or line-item level?

Create charge types:

  • Navigate to Invoices> Administration > Charges.
  • Create all the required taxes, fees, and discount entities

Specify charge values:

  • Navigate to Invoices  > Administration > Station Invoice Properties
  • Search for a station and use the ‘Add Charge Value’ function to assign charge values either by a fixed amount or a percentage

Define price alteration method:

  • Navigate to Invoices > Administration > Price Alteration Method
  • Create formulas to determine how the charge types are required to be applied/calculated and in what sequence

Tip 3:
How do I upload supporting documents related to an invoicing period?

  • Navigate to Invoices>Search Invoicing Periods
  • Use filters to display the required invoicing periods
  • Click on the ‘View Attachment’ icon against the invoicing period
  • The screen will show a list of previously attached documents to select and view
  • Use the ‘Upload’ button to attach a new document

UP NEXT: The last four tips for Paxia Invoices.