Three Reasons to Ditch the Spreadsheet and Modernize Your Airline Catering Operations

Every industry has a story of how modern technology has either empowered its ability to quickly adapt in times of change, or held it back. Despite the significance of the airline industry to global economic health, many carriers are still operating with outdated methods of organizing and sharing information. This is especially challenging during this […]

Our Paxia Experts Share Their Favorite Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of Paxia IFX

We set out to fill a significant gap in airline catering IT systems when we started our business over two decades ago. We did it because airline catering teams were crying out for software specifically designed to control one of the largest airline cost centers. We developed a suite of tools designed from the requirements of a range of respected global airlines […]

Optimize Galley Planning Now to Help with the Eventual Recovery from COVID-19

Despite the continued COVID-19 disruption to the travel industry, you can still take steps now to optimize Paxia Galley Planning and be better prepared for the eventual recovery. Our GP Experts have shared their top recommendations and hidden tips for you to peruse. Our Top 4 Tips for Airline Galley Planning have been compiled into […]